An emergency plan for East Boldre

In 2018, a tornado hit our village.  We all hope that such an event is unlikely to happen again, but it did help focus the minds of many residents on how as a community we could enhance our ability to cope with any emergency of whatever sort and in particular to ensure that our more vulnerable residents are safe and looked after.

With this in mind, the Parish Council created the East Boldre Community Emergency Plan to set down how the village can provide local assistance and support the emergency services in a significant incident where their own response may be stretched or delayed.

Many other communities have already created a plan, so there was plenty of help available on how to prepare one.  A  number of residents volunteered to form a Working Group to prepare a plan for the village.

Volunteers have put themselves forward for many different roles; to be a representative for their lane or immediate cluster of properties, preparing food, lending equipment or 4 x 4 driving and first aid.  

We have compiled a pack of information and procedures that can be put into action immediately the need arises. Emergency plan equipment is stored at the Village Hall. 

Click here to download our leaflet