Name : Chairman - Mr Kevin Holmes - • Finance & General Purposes • Planning • Representitive to New Forest Consultative Panel

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Biography : For the last 20 years I have lived in East Boldre. My day job is working for a local authority.  I am an active member of the allotment community which keeps me busy and gives me the opportunity to meet other local residents. Of personal interest to me is working towards conserving and enhancing the tranquil nature of the village.

Name : Vice-Chairman - Mr Brian Mulhall - • Planning • Highways • Representitve to the New Forest Passenger Transport Forum


Biography : I am a relative newcomer to East Boldre, having moved here only 11 years ago after retiring from a career in Electrical & Electronic Engineering. However, my involvement with the New Forest started in 1948, when my family moved to Highcliffe - where some members still live - and I started school in Brockenhurst. My interests in the council are to help maintain the village amenities and a lively community spirit.

Name : Mrs Deborah Drodge - • Finance & General Purposes • Highways

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Name : Mr Michael Husband  Planning, Financial and General Purposes

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Name : Mr Ian Moyse - Financial & General Puposes, Councillor responsible for allotments

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Name: Mrs Beverly Hawker - General Purposes, Finance working party, Highways and representative to NFNPA SE Quadrant