Hedgehog Rescue in East Boldre

Hedgehog Rescue in East Boldre

Hedgehogs in October

October is the month where we can make a life or death difference to our local hedgehogs. Any small hedgehogs desperately need to put on enough fat to hibernate and the fatter they are the more chance they have of surviving the winter
If you find a small hedgehog (indeed any hedgehog) out in the day at this time of year it needs rescuing. If it is small one you have found it may have siblings close by so keep a watch out for them. 
Some small nocturnal healthy hedgehogs can survive provided they are regular visitors to our gardens for food we put out, are putting on weight and if possible have a dry place to feed. A dry shelter for hibernation would be helpful too. Dry leaves & hay make a good nest. If regular visitors to our gardens start to come out in the day they should be rescued, as there will be another underlying problem - you know it cannot be lack of food.

Thank you again everyone i really appreciate your help.


East Boldre Hedgehog Rescue