Notice to consolidate allotments onto site 1

With much thought and deliberation over the past few months, the parish council raised a proposal to consolidate all allotment plots onto allotment site 1, at the Parish Council Meeting on 9th July 2019.  

East Boldre Parish Council rent the land on which the allotments are situated from the Forestry England.  The agreement is that this land will be used for garden allotments.  The allotments act 1908-1950 states that garden allotment plots must be used to grow flowers, fruit and vegetables for personal consumption only.  Following consultation and guidance from the NSALG legal team, the council gave notice to terminate the leases of plots 12-24 and plots 27-31 inclusively, which must be vacated by 1st April 2020 because the plot holders were growing produce which are considered commercial ententes.  It is abundantly clear that the space at allotment 1 meets all the requirements for allotments. There is therefore no case for holding allotment site 2 unless there is a major campaign to find many more allotment holders from within the parish. Previous campaigns have not been successful, there is currently no waiting list for plots.

Any future use of the allotment land is in the responsibility of Forestry England not the parish council.  East Boldre Parish Council might choose to delay giving the land back in order to gain some other advantage.  This is the best the parish council can do.

Residents of the parish may wish to express their views in writing to the parish council by Friday 26th July.  All views will be considered before our next meeting on August 13th and a decision made at this meeting.


Nicola Curzon


Parish Clerk