Verge restoration work

Verge restoration work


The Parish Council requested more detailed information about verge work proposals in East Boldre.  The image above shows what East Boldre could expect from the verge protection measures such as ditch and bank work. 

The Forestry Commission would expect to start works this spring, but the exact timing will depend on the availability of contractors.  They will be uploading the maps and proposals to their website ( and any updates will be accessible on there.

These proposals are not definitive and the Forestry Commission would welcome the Parish Councils involvement to finalise them, as they have since they first started exploring the issue of verge damage in East Boldre.  They have welcomed the input of the Parish Council in helping to protect the characteristic New Forest verges so that the commoning stock and special biodiversity can thrive. Whilst the Forestry Commission have tried to be as detailed as possible with these maps in order to give the Council a good idea of what is proposed, it is expected that some changes may be necessary. Also, once the work is completed they will continue to monitor the area and work with residents to amend them if necessary.

If you have any concerns about the proposed work, please contact the forestry commission:  or call 0300 067 4601