Alternative transport for East Boldre

Due to Hampshire County Council cuts, the 112 Saturday bus service ceased running in April this year.  At the request of the parish council, HCC invited tenders for a replacement taxi or minibus service replacing the bus service once a day on a Saturday.  Only one company responded, unfortunately their quote was excessive and would be unsustainable.   

The Parish Council has been working hard to find alternative transport to replace the bus service:

Good neighbours network has volunteer drivers who can offer a lift to vulnerable residents who need to get to medical appointments: 01590679187.  Lymington Voluntary Care Group offer a similar service: 01590 679187.

There is also an opportunity for volunteers in East Boldre to set up and manage a lift sharing initiative.  In the spirit of the village community, lift sharing would need to be organized on a casual basis and could not involve the parish council for legal and insurance purposes.  The advantages of lift sharing are bountiful; car sharing reduces your carbon footprint, it saves money, reduces traffic, makes parking easier, encourages community spirit and forges friendships.  The parish council are asking residents to look out for neighbours and offer a helping hand where they can.

There are several websites which have been set up to encourage car sharing, Go Car Share already has drivers in the New Forest.   

The council is also looking into the possibility of working with Community First New Forest, who hire out their minibuses and have a list of Midas trained drivers who might be prepared to run a return service on a Saturday.  Before setting up a replacement minibus service, the council will need to establish who is likely to use this service and appropriate times for the service to run.  This service might run once or twice each month rather than weekly.