Notice of Council Vacancy

A casual vacancy has arisen in the office of Councillor for the East Boldre Parish Council. Please click HERE for more details.

Broadband in East Boldre

The council is acutely aware of the limited Broadband provisions currently available with the parish. It has been working closely with Hampshire County Council (HCC) and other stake holders to apply pressure and move forward the deployment of any measures which could serve to improve the connectivity of the village and surrounding areas.
With the development of technologies and the reduction in public services, the general trend is for an increased reliance on online services. Health services, Schools and further education classes, social interaction and entertainment. 
HCC and their appointed contracted BT Openreach have committed to deploy improved infrastructure connecting the village but it has become apparent in recent months that the geographical extent to which that will provide tangible benefit is likely to be limited and without guarantee from the provider. It is likely that properties extending away from Hatchet Pond as far as Matthews Lane are likely to receive some speed increase but beyond that point and including the properties within the village served by the East End exchange, speed increases are expected to be very limited.
The council will continue to apply pressure to HCC and their contractor to provide further information in this respect. 
As a separate measure, in partnership with a local telecoms provider (Wight Wireless) the council has been exploring other measures to facilitate a more technologically connected village. Several options have been discounted on grounds of technologically complexity, cost or long term feasibility with one remaining option surrounding the development of a private fiber network. 
This option would require a community based approach requiring land owners to grant approval for fiber cabling to pass through their land allowing the construction of a dedicated fiber network to provide internet services at speeds significantly in excess of both the national average and that due to be provided as a best case situation from BT's current plans. 
At this stage, the deployment is being considered on a commercial basis by Wight Wireless. In order to assess the feasibility of the project and the potential reach to parts of the village that are currently outside any potential deployment plans from HCC and BT. We are seeing expressions of interest by way of the below survey to allow the assessment of commercial opportunity and interest levels. 

Please complete the survey as accurately and fully as possible to allow us to gain a broad view of the interest levels across the village. At this time there is absolutely no commitment required and the survey is to gather information to allow the assessment of interested parties and financial considerations. 

 East Boldre and surrounding areas Superfast Broadband Survey -

Animal Accidents

Thank you to Sway Parish Council for allowing us to link directly to their very informative Animal Accident page. Please take a look at the page and share with others so that further awareness can be raised into the increasing problems on our Forest roads. Lets make the New Forest roads safer for all.

New Forest Summer Sportive Map - 1st July 2017